Your website is your digital expression of your brand and often is the starting point for new customers.


Our approach to web design is simple :

WebDesign_250x250To save time in our designs, we use the only automation software that instantly creates fantastic looking, unique Website templates and WordPress Blog themes.

  • You choose your free template to start with and we customise the template to your needs or we create one from scratch with you.
  • We set up WordPress and the hosting environment for you content.
  • We add/develop  any plugging you need for your business.
  • We provide you access to the prototype to allow you to monitor the progress and to feedback on the development.
  • When you are happy we publish the web site.
  • You have access to your live content and can change it at any time.


if you have already a website or you website is hosted with another provider we transfer the domain  to  Freeparking, quick and easy where we can manage it  for you. We remind you on time when to renew to avoid bad surprises. If you prefer to manage it yourself and keep your existing provider, we will park your domain. To park your  domain you or your provider need to create “A” record to point your domain to our dedicated  address where your unique WordPress installation will run on a server shared only by our customers.


In addition to web hosting we can provide your domain with mailboxes by creating a mail server for your domain or redirecting the mail from your domain to your prefered provider. We have customers using Google apps and having their mail sent to Google for instance.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine.
We use specifics tools to optimise your web presence in the more popular search engines.


Whether you need help with website maintenance, backups, software updates, or you’re looking for ongoing design work, or some advice to optimize and publish your new blog posts, we’ve got your back.

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